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Asian Massage Therapy in Boston, MA and Melbourne, FL

Massage is a great way to treat yourself. If you’re looking for wonderful massage therapy in Boston, MA or our new location in Melbourne, FL, come to Holistic Spa. Our massage sessions can help you relax before a big event or unwind after a stressful week at the office.

While massage therapy is a great way to relax, it offers several other health benefits as well. When you book a massage at our Asian spa, you can expect more than just a relaxing hour on the table. We use a wide variety of massage techniques to ensure that you leave feeling your best.

Let Us Take Care of You

When you come visit our Asian spa, you can choose from a variety of massage options. Each one is slightly different than the others and offers a variety of benefits.  

Swedish massage is probably the type that most people are familiar with. This gentle massage helps to ease tension and restore energy. Deep tissue massage is also common and uses stronger pressure to reach deep muscle and repair damage from injuries.

Trigger point and acupressure massage techniques target specific areas on the body to unblock energy paths and relieve tension. Shiatsu massage, a traditional Asian massage technique, is a form of acupressure work.

Enjoy the Healing Benefits of Massage

When you receive massage at Holistic Spa you receive a variety of health benefits. Massage helps to lessen stress and relieve anxiety. You might also see a decrease in tension, which can help you sleep better at night. Some people see a decrease in headaches. Massage can also relieve the pain from mild injuries, small strains, and conditions such as TMJ.

Whether you’re seeking relief from a chronic condition or just want to treat yourself to a relaxing afternoon, come to Holistic Spa Therapy Center for massage therapy in Boston, MA and Melbourne, FL. Call us to schedule an appointment today!