The Holistic Spa Signature Package $125.00

Guests are invited to unwind in our lounge area and experience our all-inclusive facilities. Upon arrival, we will provide you with comfortable shoes to wear in the wet rooms along with plush robes to help you dry up. Next, prepare your body for a deep therapeutic experience by melting away layers of tension and stress in our (Asian Mist) Eucalyptus Steam. Afterwards, experience, an intense organic body scrub that smoothes and replenishes the skin. Warm up in our cedar rock dry cedar sauna. The treatment concludes with a customized 60 minute massage or bodywork therapy session, intensified by the use of hot stones and a thermal towel wrap.

60 min massage $125.00
90 min massage $175.00
120 min massage $225.00

Couples Massage
60 min massage $250.00
Please make an appointment to reserve the couples’ suite and be sure to arrive 10-15mins early to avoid interruptions to both your and other clients’ dedicated time.

Types of Massages Offered
Acupressure | Reflexology | Korean Backwalk | Swedish | Shiatsu | Sports | Deep Tissue | Hot Oil| Hot Stone

The Tropical Rain Vichy Organic Treatment $225.00

Enjoy our (Asian Mist) Eucalyptus Steam. Next, the therapist treats you to a 30 minute warm exfoliating body scrub in our state-of-the-art Vichy shower room. The organic scrub is a special blend of natural ingredients, such as sugar, coconut oil, honey, pineapple juice and essential oils. Afterwards, a cucumber mask will be applied to encourage hydration, eliminate toxins, and reduce wrinkles and puffiness around your eyes. The therapist then provides a natural deep hair cleanse that will remove built up toxins in your scalp. Warm up in our cedar rock dry sauna. The treatment concludes with a 60 minute massage or bodywork session in one of our luxurious suites. The body treatment is intensified by the use of hot lava stones. The heat penetrates deep into the muscles, melting away layers of tension and stress.

The Korean Backwalk $125.00

The ultimate 60 minute deep tissue massage. Our therapists use their feet and body weight to provide a deeper penetration into muscle tissue by working with gravity from above instead of against it from the floor. Watch our therapist demonstrate a back walking massage session on our YouTube channel –> Holistic Spa Therapy Center Back Walking Session. This treatment also includes our eucalyptus steam, an exfoliating body scrub and the cedar rock dry sauna.

The Four Hand Harmony Massage $225.00

The treatment begins with a soothing (Asian Mist) eucalyptus steam. Next, two therapists work together to provide a warm exfoliating body scrub that smooths and replenishes the skin. Warm up in our cedar rock dry sauna. Lastly, both therapists work in unison to expertly execute a customized massage/ bodywork session that targets stress muscles, unlocks tension and relieves pain.

**Appointment Etiquette & Cancelation Policy**

Please arrive 10-15min before your scheduled appointment.

In order to ensure every that every couple, group (3 or more), and Vichy reservation receives their uninterrupted scheduled time, Holistic Spa will ask that, for such reservations, a credit card be provided on file. Should the appointment be missed, 30% of the total package cost will be charged.

The fee will be waved for couples and Vichy appointments if notice of cancellation is provided at least 12hrs before the scheduled time.

The fee will be waved for group (3 or more) appointments if notice of cancellation is provided at least 24hrs before the scheduled time.

Please note that the credit card company will card an additional 3.99% service fee on all paperless transactions. This does not apply to cash payments.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. –Holistic Spa Management

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